A Super Convenient 3D Customer Acquisition And Transaction System

3D Tour Of Movie-Level Realistic Scenes

Massive free scenes to move around at will, 720° panoramic roaming, and 8K-level visual experience allow your store to transcend space boundaries.

living room

bed room

Various Effects Are Presented To Quickly Attract Traffic.

With a good design plan, a quotation list can be generated in seconds a variety of customer acquisition and traffic methods, and real-time acquisition of customer phone information. Locking in customers is so easy!
HD Renderings

Supports sharing of scene works automatic lens capture and batch export of BK high-definition renderings in one second

VR Panorama

Supports sharing VR panoramas, paired with mini programs, to accurately acquire customers anytime and anywhere

Roaming Video

Supports video output in roaming form, which can be disseminated on Douyin, Xiaohongshu and other platforms at any time

One-Click Quotation

Extremely fast an-site distribution supporting quick quotation and quick printing of product lists

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Configuration Requirements

Buying guide Desktop (single host) Notebook
Configuration one (VR) Configuration 2 (VR) Configuration three (minimum recommended configuration) Configuration one Configuration two
illustrate Highest smoothness and performance Recommended, high fluency Minimum recommended configuration, VR is not recommended Highest smoothness and performance Recommended and smooth to use
Reference price range 23500 (host) 4500 (monitor) 16500 (host) 4500 (monitor 13500 (host) 1300 (monitor) 11999-15000 9999-12900
CPU i7-13700KF i7-13700KF i7-12700F i9-13900H i9-13900H
Memory 32G 32G 32G 32G 32G
Graphics card RTX-4090 RTX-4080 RTX-407071 RTX-4070 RTX-4060
Hard disk M.2 1TB M.2 1TB M.2 1TB 512G SSD 512G SSD
Monitor (purchased separately)
75 inches 4K

75 inches 4K

27 inches 2K
\ \
Recommended operating system Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10 Windows 10

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